Sexual Health

MedDX has a wealth of experience providing sample collection solutions. Having worked closely with the NCSP (National Chlamydia Screening Programme), we are continually developing the design of our kits to improve the end user experience. Our expertise is particularly relevant now, as the breadth of testing is increasing (for example HIV programmes and the growing home test market).

Trusting MedDX to supply your regulatory compliant medical sample collection kits enables you to free up more of your organisation’s valuable resources and reduce costs.

Our smart solutions are designed with a focus on helping you achieve better quality samples and higher sample return rates: thus delivering better patient healthcare.

We design, manufacture and assemble kits. We also manufacture many of the different components in Sexual Health Screening kits, which enables us to offer highly competitive pricing, rapid response and faster bespoke solutions where required. At MedDX we never try to convince you that one size fits all.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures all aspects of the sample collection, delivery and reception process are considered and addressed
  • Simple design approach increases sample return rates
  • Addresses customer specific challenges and issues to reduce sample deletions
  • Uses only required components delivering best cost approach
  • Addresses all related activities and services to deliver an overall cost advantage