Sample Collection Kits

Trusting MedDX to supply your regulatory compliant (eg UN3373, PI650) medical sample collection kits enables you to free up more of your organisation’s valuable resources and reduce costs.

At MedDX we understand you may have concerns about handing over an important part of the diagnostic process to an outside company. However, we can reassure you that we have the expertise, knowledge, training, quality processes and attention to detail necessary to provide the very best service on your behalf.

MedDX is constantly working with the industry to understand and address our clients’ latest challenges and needs. Working with us as a supplier ensures that you benefit from ongoing improvements designed to produce greater efficiencies and incorporate up to date changes in sample collection techniques, Biological Sample transport regulations (UN3373, PI650) and carrier practices.

We have implemented stringent quality, security (ICO registered) and training procedures to ensure that your kits meet with the required quality standards, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 (Medical devices Quality Management), which can extend to full CE marking.

Our solutions are designed and manufactured with consideration to:

  • Cost: direct (eg packaging) and indirect (eg labour, courier)
  • Ease of use
  • Client’s objectives
  • Patient experience
  • Regulatory compliance eg UN3373, PI650

We focus on helping you achieve better quality samples and higher sample return rates: delivering better patient healthcare.

At MedDX we understand that your and your stakeholders’ needs are unique and we never try to convince you that one size fits all.