Thermacor Specimen Transportation

UCD Urine Collection Devices

Developed in response to a number of concerns related to traditional paper/plastic collection cups, the MedDX PeeCanter is a flat-packed urine collection device which reduces postal costs and storage space.

The design reduces the opportunity for crushing/cracking during the delivery and collection process, thus increasing the potential for return of usable sample. The MedDX PeeCanter is simple and quick to assemble, simply popping open, and accurate when pouring.

The tamper evident opening option delivers a securely managed chain of custody when collecting for legislative testing requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Flat packed ensures collection device is fit for purpose and not damaged when received by user
  • Less storage and shipping space required
  • Flat packed approach enables reduced postage costs
  • Easy assembly and intuitive use ensures good sample taking process and return rates